1. i wake up in his embrace

2. he makes tampo when i don’t want to be embraced ksi mainit

3. he kisses me every chance he has (when he wakes up, before he leaves for work, by the time he goes home from work, before we sleep, etc.. etc..)

4. he says i luv u every chance he has

5. he says im sexy even with a big tummy

6. he reminds me to not forget to drink my vitamins

7. he ALWAYS reminds me not to forget to drink my milk

8. he buys me pasalubong (mani, salad, kakanin, etc..)

9. he’s a good provider

10. he gets excited when the baby’s kicking

11. he goes with me during my pre-natal check ups

12. he loves the way i dance

13. he lets me play Gran Turismo with him

14. he takes showers with me

15. he lets me take in charge of the remote control

16. he watches our favorite series with me

17. he joins me in brisk walking

18. he reminds me to never miss sunday mass

19. he tells me i’m pretty even if i just woke up

20. he supports me

21. he gives me a massage when i need it

22. he cooks for me

23. he never pressures me to learn to cook (but i do it anyway hehehe)

24. he loves to take pictures of me

25. he dreams with me

I luv u my gingging. Happy 1st year anniversary.

~May 26 marks our 1st year anniversary (civil wedding) as husband and wife.