– stretchmarks. CHECK!

– penguin walk. CHECK!


– ill tempered. CHECK!

– rings wont fit my finger. CHECK!

– feeling swollen “down there”. CHECK!

– increasing Braxton Hicks contractions. CHECK!

– increasing baby kicks. CHECK!

that’s how pregnant i am at 34 weeks. 3 more weeks and the baby will be full term already. meaning, baby can come out as early as the 37th week. i’ve been catching up on my readings about the last trimester and labor and delivery. i’ve also been meeting with my OB more often than before (every two weeks). richard has advised me to refrain from walking too much until im on my 9th month. baka daw mapaaga kasi. or he probably didn’t notice na i know what he’s trying to get at hehehe… Superman is showing next week and we talked about watching it on IMAX at Mall of Asia so parang he’s trying to imply na i should not come because of the byahe and the walking. hrmph! kala nya ha. hehehe….