On average, approximately how many times per day do you yawn?

– More than 10 times! even before i became pregnant, i have the habit of yawning even if i’m not that sleepy. people i talk to would sometimes think they bore me coz i can’t resist yawning.


What was your most memorable school field trip?

– our visit to Coca-Cola plant in Sta. Rosa Laguna (college days). They have this museum full of coke memorabilias. We also learned that employees get free coke refill anytime (pero di sila pwede mag-uwi). I wonder if they still get insured for diabetes?


Fill in the blank: I was extremely __________________ this week.

– bored

Main Course

Which color do you think of when you hear the word “soothing”?

– mint green


What is something that, if you had to, you could save up the money to buy within one month?

– an AVENT ISIS manual breast pump!

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