mabuhay ang aking blog!

dahil sa nabadtrip ako ng todo todo sa e naisipan kong magswitch to wordpress (which is more user friendly imo and has features na matagal ko na hinahanap).

why wordpress?

  • i was able to import ALL of my blogger posts here and it didn’t take too long to do that(coolness dba?)
  • very user friendly
  • you can categorize each of your posts
  • merong “recent comments” feature where all the recent comments will be posted in your sidebar (aka widgets, in wordpress lingo)
  • it can monitor the number of hits your blog has received from your visitors

syempre, not all blog host is perfect. it also has it’s misses:

  • unless you have your own webhost, you cannot manipulate the template (like change your header although some themes allow you to do that like the one i picked, or use your own desired template)
  • it won’t allow plug-ins (kaya di tuloy nagwowork yung picturetrail ko)

but then again, a change is always refreshing. i am so far happy with my new blog home and i hope it won’t give me the same headaches i got from blogger hehehhe…..