went to our OB yesterday and after doing an internal examination, she said that it’s almost time! as in i can probably give birth this week! nyaaaaaaaaaaakkkk!!!! super baba na daw ng ulo ni baby! we couldn’t wait na nga! after my check-up, richard & i went to SM Sta. Rosa to do a last minute baby stuff shopping. dapat maggogrocery pa nga kami kaso lang, sumakit ang tyan ko and i felt i can’t walk further so nagpahinga lang kami sandali and decided to put it off. today na lang ako maggrocery with inday. and i need to pay so many bills! and i need to withdraw the money we will use for the delivery (Binan Doctors wont accept check). haayyy i need to do all of this today kasi baka wala ng time. and i also need to postpone the supposedly garage sale with my sis in law this weekend. hay naku!