this is another delayed post so here goes..

We watched Superman on Imax theater at SM Mall of Asia last July 5 (a Wednesday). Richard bought the tickets a week before and decided to purchase a weekday screening (even if this would mean that he has to file a vacation leave hehehe) since he pressumed sobrang daming tao sa mall pag weekend. So we went there and i was really amazed at how big the mall is. di pa nga namin masyadong nalibot coz we arrived around 1pm and ate lunch till mga 2pm e 3pm ang start ng movie. although wala naman dapat problema coz we have assigned seats naman (richard picked a middle spot, quite dangerous in my opinion since walang daanan sa gitna, only sa may dulo so pag nagkaron ng stampede or something e huli kaming makakalabas hehehe). upon entering the IMAX cinema, may magdidistribute ng 3D glasses, and funny nga, halos lahat ng mga tao dun nakita namin e sinuot kagad ang 3d glasses tapos nagpicture picture (yes, including us! LOL). ang cute kaya! the screen was huge!!! 80 feet ba naman! kaya nagmukhang maliit ang cinema e (good for 500 pax lang ata). so anyways, before magstart ang superman, may announcement na isuot daw namin ang 3d glasses during the trailers. we saw in 3D yung mga movies na probably they will show in IMAX din (i forgot the titles hehehe).

so mabalik sa superman, richard and i unexpectedly did not enjoy it that much. ako personally, i thought Lex Luthor’s character was presented shabilly. Not necessarily Kevin Spacey’s portrayal ha coz i think he did a great job, but the character itself. parang ginawa kasing katawa tawa. may mga chuwariwariwap pa syang kasama. it’s so not like Lex in Smallville. honestly, i prefer Smallville’s story line than this movie. as for superman himself, brandon routh was drop dead hotness! you would think na yung buong physique nya is CGI manipulated coz he’s so puuuurrrfect! sulit na sulit ang P350 kasi you will see 80 feet of brandon routh e LOL… all in all, i think the movie was just ok. kate bosworth was effective naman as lois lane coz kahit na sobrang maamo ang mukha nya, meron paring certain toughness inside her, which is what lois lane is all about. i also like the guy who played lois’ fiancee (forgot his name). sa tingin ko he’s the real superman for lois lane. imagine, alam nya dangerous ang pupuntahan nya, with no powers and all, he still went, para lang isave ang pinakamamahal nya (awwwwwwwww…. cheesyyyyyy….). yun namang assistant ni lex, although sa mga forums na nabasa ko they seem to love her, ako, i just HATE her! parang ang OA! trying to be funny when she’s really not. and watsup with that guy na hindi nagsasalita? yung isa sa mga bodyguard ni lex? yung mukhang indian?

the end. bow.