people who are trying to make ends meet (like us — hehehe) will really find ways to make the budget fit — and i did just that when i discovered this new store called Japan Home Center where everything they sell is worth 88 pesosesoses!! i chanced upon this store a few months ago and normally, budget stores (like everything P99 or everything P100) don’t really appeal to me coz i would always assume that budget stores almost always equal to low quality items. but then, since i’m trying to be super super tipid, i went in to JHC’s ATC branch (they also have a branch in Festival Mall). What you will see mostly are plasticwares and toiletries. I purchased 1 pack of (10 rolls) tissue paper and 1 pack of (10 – 200 tips) cotton buds. So parang each roll of tissue paper is P8.88 (at ganun din sa cotton buds). Infairness ha, malambot ang tissue paper nila. 3 ply pa. So talagang mura sya. Same with the cotton buds. Makapal naman yung cotton nya. Hindi mukhang tinipid.

So if ever you are someone who does your grocery shopping at ATC or Festival mall, buy your cotton buds and tissue paper at Japan Home Center hehehe….. i haven’t tried their other products kasi marami naman kaming plasticware sa bahay. Pero yesterday, i heard one ale who bought 5 large sized fabric conditioner (siguro mga 1 gallon yun) and i overheard her telling the cashier na ok daw yung fabric conditioner. Matagal daw magstay sa damit. Whereas kung Downy daw ang bibilhin mo e sobrang mahal daw. Hindi kasi ako nagpapalagay ng fabric conditioner sa mga damit (i have sensitive skin) kaya hindi ako bumibili nun.

p.s. hindi po ako binayaran ng Japan Home Center to advertise their store LOL. i just happen to be super stingy kaya shineshare ko to sa inyo hehehe….