i am in labor as i type.

no kidding.

i just got back from my OB and she told me the good and exciting news — i am already 1 cm dilated! she told me to go home first and monitor my contractions and just go back around 8am tomorrow so i can further be monitored. Sa latent phase kasi ng labor (meaning, 1-5 cm kang dilated) e every 5 hrs bumubuka ang cervix mo by 1 cm. So by 8am mga 4 cms na ko. Malapit na malapit na ahihihihihi….. i have regular painless contractions now (thank goodness). i have a pretty high threshold for pain. i have back aches pero tolerable. right now, i am chatting while blogging while watching my fave telenovela Bituing Walang Ningning (LOL). I am also busy checking our bag. While my dear husband is hooked with his Gundam fix. hehehe… Cool lang sya e.

So till my next post! To my dear friends, Richard will text you for the updates! At long last malalaman na namin kung anong gender ni baby. Ipagpray nyo na lumabas si baby na healthy!