from now on, i resolve to start my week thinking of positive thoughts so i can get through the rest of the week worry-free as possible. i know problems won’t go away that quickly but atleast a little positive outlook could help.

so what’s something positive to look forward to this week?

  • if i don’t deliver till Thursday (Aug 3, my 40th week), Richard and I decided to have me induced on Friday (Aug 4). This is ofcourse to be approved by my OB who i will see later this afternoon. Excitement! Talagang atat na!
  • one of my guilty pleasures: watching Bituing Walang Ningning (LOL) every night. fortunately, we have 2 tv sets. By 830pm, Richard owns the tv at our bedroom (he watches his favorite anime series GUNDAM and prefers not to be disturbed) while i own the tv in the living area where i watch with Inday.
  • also looking forward to the next episode of Philippine Idol on Sunday. Their pilot episode yesterday was entertainingly funny.
  • the on-going business plans…….. thank you to the genius that is my brother, richard and i are positive on starting our business partnership late this year. Everything’s still in the works though. There are a LOT of things needed to be done. i regret though of not doing this before while i am still able to commute to and from anywhere with ease. aside from that, i am also planning on joining a bazaar (small time lang, pang subdivision lang muna) for the Christmas season. wooopppeeeeee!

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