martha_stewart_clipart_topped_cupcakes2.jpgYesterday was my 29th birthday. It was an ordinary day lang. No parties (can’t afford it!) and i didn’t even plan on cooking something up for my birthday. Before Richard left for the office, he gave me this hardbound cookbook and let me choose a dish which he will try to cook on the weekend. awww how sweet naman. kaso when i browsed the cookbook, halos kailangan syang i-bake, e hallleeerr!! wala naman kaming oven e! hehehe… tapos si Gabby naman was less fussier today, she probably knows it’s her mommy’s birthday kaya quiet lang sya. i was quite surprised din that friends remembered to greet me. that’s internet technology for you (with all the friendster reminders, birthday alarm, etc.. etc..) hehehe…. nung hapon na, i met with my bestest friend hazel who made me wait (again!!!!!) and treated her for some pizza and chicken. tapos, Richard naman brought home Andok’s chicken and the newest cake of Red Ribbon which i can’t spell (LOL). the one which is crunchy na parang sans rival with chocolates. yun na yun.

i can’t believe i’m 29. sometimes i get disheartened when i think of being this old and not accomplishing much (career wise). i mean i love being a hands-on mom and all, but sometimes, it gets so frustrating. i used to never have to depend on someone else (financially). Richard naman says i can go back to work anytime (tapos may pahabol na “kung kaya mong iwanan si baby”) but yeah, minsan gusto ko bumalik magwork pero iniisip ko si baby. i don’t think i’m ready to leave her to a yaya just yet. no not yet. and then i get sad again and the cycle continues. but i guess this is just a sort of mild post-partum depression. kasi i know there are a lot of working moms who would rather be a stay at home mom if they had the choice, kaya naman naiisip ko na din na my situation now is not that bad. siguro lang for lack of something to do kaya naman i get depressed. what to do ? a hobby, perhaps?

anyways, happy birthday to me!