hello everyone! i’ve been MIA for quite a while. i am not really busy , i just don’t feel like blogging kahit na there’s so much to blog about. my baby is now 3 1/2 months old! how time flies! ang bilis talaga ng mga araw. bukas makalawa magaasawa na tong baby ko huhuhu…. anyways, it’s such a wonder how you discover the milestones of your baby. she looked so cute when she discovered that she has her own set of hands and feet! yung kamay nya palaging nakaclosed fist (in a boxing position) tapos tititigan nya yun habang naduduling duling pa, probably saying “hmmmm… so these are what you call hands” sabay isusubo sa bunganga. she has also started squealing, gurgling and cooing, palagi nyang sinasabi “aaa….kuuuuu….” and when you repeat what she says, bigla syang tatawa. she also knows how to get your attention! she has the meanest vocal chords! kilala na nga sya ng mga kapit bahay namin dahil sa lakas ng iyak, abot sa kabilang street ang boses ng baby ko (i’m telling you, whe will be the next Philippine Idol hehehe). alam nya rin kung pano umire (like UMMMMPPPPHHHH) habang nakaclosed fist tapos sabay utot o kaya labas poopoo. hehehe… and she can now do mini-push ups!

she is still exlusively breastfed kaya naman super healthy and super batchoy! kahit na sinisipon ako and inuubo, hindi sya nahahawa sakin, and she never had a fever (pwera usog!!). our breastfeeding sessions has become a breeze kasi pareho na kaming well adjusted with the feeding schedule (every 1 1/2 or 2 hrs). bathing her has also become more of like a playtime for her. sobrang tuwa sya pag naliligo na sya (as long as you feed her first, else, magwawala sya ng todo todo!).

right now, im planning her baptismal which is going to be on the last Sunday of November. i’ve personally designed the invites, bought her white dress, decorated the candles with yellow & lavander ribbons, ordered the cupcakes (which will also double as our souvenirs), photoshopped the pictures for the cupcakes, reserved a slot in the church, reserved the function room at Gilligan’s Island in Festival mall, ano pa ba ang kulang… hmmmm…. i have yet to order balloons decors!

here are some of her latest photos!


mommy and gabby ready to rumble!


daddy getting the punch!


the many faces of gabby