yes, this is a gabby post as usual. ahihihi… well what can i do? my baby is so adorable! so many developments since she turned 4 months!

100_1115.JPGshe now started eating solids! her pedia advised us to give her an itsy bitsy amount of baby cereal (not yet mashed veggies para wag daw mabigla ang panlasa nya). every morning, after i breastfeed her, i give her half a baby teaspoon of wheat banana flavored cerelac.



she enjoys being carried like a superwoman! when my inlaws arrived here from Negros, they were so excited to see gabby, and when they did, they wouldn’t let her go! hehehe… they carried her in all ways they know, including the “darna” way. kaya naman when they left, gabby wants us to carry her like that ksi she enjoyed it so much!


gabby is more playful now that she turned 4 mos! she’s always giddy when she knows someone will carry her. hindi na sya matipid tumawa. she always wants to stand on her feet. she loves being over the refrigirator, over the bar, over the kitchen counter, over her dad’s shoulders. hmmm… baka paglaki ng baby ko very domineering sya! LOL.


she loves tasting her toes!!!! when she’d done with her fingers, mga daliri nya sa paa ang pinagdidiskitahan nya. sometimes, because she looks so cute, ako mismo ang naglalagay ng toes nya sa bunganga nya LOL.



100_1128.JPGa cute santa baby! ang sarap magkaron ng live doll! i can dress her up with these cutesy costumes and girly blouses haaaayyyy…



richard and i once talked about the possibility of gabby being in showbiz (LOL LOL mga nauuLOL na ata kami LOL). ayaw ni richard kasi baka masira ang pagaaral nya (naks!). at ayaw ko din (ows) kasi baka di sya sumikat tapos maging katulad sya ng ibang youngstars na pag di sumikat e magpopose na lang sa fhm. at feeling ko magiging stage mother ako. ay!