in a few days, my very trusted househelp will leave for Davao for a month long vacation. she has been with us for more than a year now and she has really been a great help to us. She cooks, does the laundry, she presses our clothes, she watches my baby when i am not around, she takes care more of my dad, you name it, she can do it. hindi mo pa nga inuutos, nagawa na nya. may kusa, kumbaga. i will really miss her not only because of how much she made our domestic lives easier to live in, but also because she has become a friend to us. i really hope she keeps her promise to return. somebody will take over her job and will arrive on Saturday, pero parang di pa sure. Kung magkataon na hindi dumating, ako ang magiging taong bahay (which really sucks). groangroangroan…

another change happening to me right now, is that i’ve applied for a part-time writing job in Alabang. I will start 1st week of January. it’s the best set up for me right now. i can do my mommy duties (i.e., breastfeeding, cereal feeding, giving gabby a walk to the park for morning sunshine, giving gabby a bath) in the morning tapos i can leave for work after lunch, every other day. i needed to do this coz i’m getting bored at home. and i also want to help richard in any way i can. i think this is cool coz i can do this without sacrificing quality time with baby and hubby.

how about you? what changes are you experiencing now?