at dahil pasko ngayon and i know most of us (if not all) have set up our Christmas trees as early as November (i know i did), i wanna see how you’ve set it up! what theme, how tall, what burloloys you put… etc..etc..! ours is 7 foot tall, i trimmed it with silver and violet (my fave color obviously) xmas balls with silver and red leaves tapos violet na ribbon to wrap it all around and silver something something (lol) na parang mga beads na kabit kabit (what do u call it?). it has been with us for 3 years now. it’s actually a gift from Richard LOL. so ano ba ang theme nitong tree namin? the violet and silver themed tree? duh.

here’s a pic of our Christmas tree


in a few years, i plan to collect little stuffed toys of Gabby’s favorite cartoon character tapos yun lang ang ilalagay kong burloloy sa Christmas tree namin. i think that would turn out to be soo cute!