richard & i met with old friends from (my) college, ace & ryan (with gio and lhemee) 2 weeks ago. we tried out this pizza place in Glorietta called Aveneto. Good food. It would have been better if the guys weren’t late. arrrrrggghhh.. we ordered early but ace & ryan came later as expected, kaya lumamig na ung food. i was a bit pissed off at first coz i’m sooooo hungry na tapos wala pa sila. but it was all good when they got there. nawala na ang init ng ulo ko. mabilis kasi uminit ulo ko pag gutom e. it was so refreshing to see my two buddies. we never got the chance to catch up on one another during gabby’s binyag kaya the chatter was non stop that night. after Aveneto, we all agreed to show off our vocal skills and head off to Red Box in Greenbelt 3. We got there 11pm so they gave us a discount. Pay only 4 for 6 people. Free 2 drinks (beer, softdrinks or bottled water) for the 4 peeps. Water only for me because im breastfeeding. No alcohol for the next few months which is a good thing i guess.


good times indeed.