• started part time work last wednesday. i’m loving my schedule. mwf 1-6 pm. no pressure if u come in late. or spend so many washroom breaks (as i did because i brought my pump to work), as our job is output oriented. we get paid by the number of summaries we make. so anyways, i’m thinking of getting to work earlier. more summaries, more moolah.
  • found out inday, my once ever dependaple kasambahay, isn’t coming back to work for us. she lied of going to davao to spend her vacation, she was just in binan all along. it’s just as well. i understand she wants “growth”. LOL.
  • richard’s celfone got snatched in the jeepney on our way to SM Sta. Rosa. i was more affected than him actually. i kept thinking it was brought from hard earned money and now what? some asshole just steal it away. and no, he doesn’t probably need it more than richard does because he’s a poor guy. leche yan. ok stop me now. bahala na si Lord sa kanya.

kayo, kamusta naman ang weekend nyo?