richard got a leaked torrent of the first 4 episodes of season 6 of 24! great! can’t wait to watch it! i hear they got a new president, wayne palmer (the brother of david palmer, whose character appeared in seasons 4-5). i haven’t seen any trailer so i don’t know anything about the plot of Jack Bauer’s Day 6 adventure. I just know from last season that he’s been held captive of the chinese gov’t. so maybe day 6 is all about how Jack will get away from the chinese LOL. i just hope they deviate from the usual formula plot — like in the 1st 8 episodes they present you with a villain who in the next 8 epis turns out not to be the main villain and in the last 8 hours they give you the super villain. and there always have to be a mole around CTU. and i wonder how come the celfones they use don’t run out of batteries?