after 2 weeks of working part time, i am already feeling burned out. two weeks. it’s crazy. i never thought i’d be stressed out over a part time job. you see, my job is to summarize articles, articles with subjects i am not familiar of, articles atleast 5 pages long. sometimes 12 pages. at first i thought, hey this is easy, it’s a piece of cake, i can actually do this writing thing. and then after spending 6 hours reading, comprehending, every other day, it drains you. it’s so stressful (atleast for me) that i don’t get to sleep soundly coz i am always thinking if i summarized the whole thing correctly. if i got the main point. arrrrgggh it’s so stressful that i even posted about it! i could quit, but then that would make me a …… quitter. but then, is it really worth it?