The last time i’ve been to the summer capital of the philippines was 4 years ago. and i haven’t returned since. 3 weeks from now, richard and i, along with my college buddies will travel up north to enjoy the cool breeze baguio could offer before summer time sets in. i’ve been searching from travel forums on what to do in Baguio and where to eat so our overnight stay (and apparently Richard’s first time in the city) will not be put to waste. All 6 of us will commute via Victory Liner (Pasay station – one way ticket costs P390) on Saturday midnight. The last time i rode VL, my feet hurt. The seats are so long my feet won’t touch the ground. Either that or i’m too small. Ryan already made reservations in a hotel in Naguilian road. They said hotels in the city proper are all fully booked. Probably because it’s a week prior to the Panagbenga Festival. Anyways, the rooms are cheap at P500 a night. I just won’t expect anything LOL. All we need is a place to sleep with a hot shower and to keep our baggage anyway, because i’m betting we won’t be staying too long in the hotel.

So, how do i make Richard’s first time in Baguio truly worth his while?

  • take him boating in Burnham park. they say it’s better if we do it at night. less people, more romantic.
  • go to the Ampitheater. wala lang. take pictures. naalala ko tuloy yung movie nila Dolphy and Alma. Sumayaw kasi sila don e.
  • boy watching at PMA. LOL. see them march in their short shorts. (mag-enjoy kaya si richard dito? )
  • buy ube jam at Good Shepherd. YUUUMMMMMY ube jam. tiyak na malilimutan nya ang pangalan nya pag natikman nya yun. The long waiting line is worth it. They give it to you fresh as in mainit pa.
  • drop coins at Minew View park. or pose with an igorot. or go shopping for silvers or souvenirs.
  • visit Tam-awan Village and see ther fertility huts. errrr then again, better stay away from that one
  • hear mass at Baguio Cathedral
  • have a chat with the PSG (Presidential Security Guards) at The Mansion. last time we went there one of the PSG’s even lent his machine gun and posed with us in the picture.
  • stroll or ride a horse in Wright Park
  • hike up the Lourdes Grotto
  • walk the eco-trail in Camp John Hay
  • visit SM designed like a ship (or so i heard)
  • and don’t ever forget to buy pasalubong from the Baguio City Market. if only we had a car i would buy many fresh veggies. and walis tambo.

will make kwento after the trip!