yep that’s me! can you actually feel my excitement? GAWD. it’s like your kid or nephew going to pre-school for the first time kind of excitement. i accepted company # 2’s job offer and am going to work at their Boni office starting on Monday, March 19. i know i know. Boni (Mandaluyong) is kinda far from where i live but it’s ok. I only have to endure commuting for 6 mos and hopefully will get my own car when i get regularized (i do hope i get regularized!). can i drive? you bet your pwet i can! hahahha.. but i can’t park. is that going to be a problem? oh well. i still have 6 months to practice my driving skills. i haven’t driven for almost 3 years.

anyways, i just got back from Makati to take a psychological exam. yes. i spent almost 7 hrs answering personality questions. this is required by the company i’m going to work for. grabe. sumakit ang ulo ko dun. tapos bukas may interview pa dun ulit.

so am i really ready to be a working mom? that is the ultimate question. i am actually psyching myself to not miss Gabby too much. i can actually start working today, but then i requested to start next week so i can spend more quality time with Gabby before i go to work. i will still continue to breastfeed my baby. i don’t want to sacrifice that part just because i decided to work again. and i promise myself to spend weekends doing family activities. i pray that i may be able to do that. and to do that consistently and religiously.

part of my preparation in getting back to work is preparing my wardrobe! mwahahahha! good thing that my pre-pregnancy weight has gone back and i can fit into my old working clothes again! but i need to update it because most of it looks outdated already. i have browsed thru Mango’s website, and saved pictures of trousers and blouses which i will ask my neighborhood kusturera to sew for me. Akala nyo bibili ako sa Mango no? ang shosyal ko naman. wala pa ko sweldo. and even if i do, parang di yata kakayanin ng konsensya ko na bumili ng damit dun hehehhe….. bili na lang ako ng tela sa divisoria at magpatahi. Tipid pa.


what do u think?

to everyone who wished me good luck, thanks very much! i sure need it!