what’s the best way to beat the scorching heat outside? eat ice candy!

as early as end of february, just as soon as the summer heat set in, i decided to make and sell (actually i don’t make it, i just finance it LOLZ) different flavors of ice candy for my neighbors. we make mango, buko, melon and munggo (with cocoa) flavors. we also mix it with little sago. during our first week, our only customers are the kids from the nearby houses. but now, because they say it’s the best ice candy they’ve ever tasted (they did not exactly said that verbatim but it was implied hahahaha), we now have a larger customer base (mostly mga karpenterong uhaw lolz).

we sell our ice candy for only P2.00. they say it’s super cheap, compared to others which sell for the same price but theirs is half the size of ours. and they don’t have little sago. you know the little sago makes it a whole new experience of eating ice candy.

i have to stop now before this turns into a shameful plug. LOLZ.