dear gabby,

yesterday was mommy’s first day at work. i woke up very early, 5 am (!!!) as i need to be at work before 830am. it’s ok. no biggie. i got to work at 8-ish. nobody was around to accomodate mommy yet. my boss is out for official business (OB) and the HR personnel will be coming from the Cavite plant. so i waited and waited. i thought “does anybody know i’m going to work here?”. so anyways, the company president arrived at around 1030am, was a bit surprised to find me in the reception area “bakit andyan ka?” he asked me. di ko lang masabi “dito daw ako maghintay sabi nung babae sa loob”. so anyways, he oriented me with the product i’ll be handling. mukhang madami akong aaralin. but it’s ok. i’m just overwhelmed lang siguro sa mga pwedeng mangyari in the future. i mean i know i’ll be a very busy working mom. and what fears me is getting home from work very tired and no time to play with you (and daddy). haaayyy…

anyways, today naman, our president picked me up at Carmona. he will tour me at our Plant so i could better understand the process. the people there are very accomodating and friendly. We left after lunch and our boss told me to have an early off. no use going back to our office in Manila kasi wala pa naman yung magtetrain sakin dun. Im so happy coz i get to spend more time with you today.

tomorrow is another day at work. I will miss you terribly baby.

lots of love,