and the meralco bill too.

anyways, i’ve been busy the past few days i have no time to blog. i started doing field work and so far, it’s been great. i’ve met with few new people who have been very accomodating. but i know this will not always be the case. i know there will be biatches and assholes out there. oh well. that’s sales job for you.

some gabby updates!!! at 8 months, she still has no teeth! but infairness to her, she bites my nipples like crazy. and she eats cookies as if she has teeth! at 8months, she can now wave like a princess (think sandara wave). so cute! According to this article, not all 8 month old babies can wave bye-bye like a princess/queen. It said that it takes fine motor coordination to this wave like that. so to hell with no teeth! LOLZ.

still at 8 months, she can now walk with support. Watch video below to see what i’m talking about. Her dad would always practice her walking on top of the dining table. That’s one of their bonding activities hehehe…


and here’s another video taken yesterday from my new N70 phone (LOLZ nagyabang pa wahahaha). namuti ang lips nya kasi mukhang naubusan sya ng laway.