• watched Spiderman on its first day with Richard and sisters in law; reserved tickets from sureseats.com; pretty expensive but all worth it; but why are they (read:comic book fans) saying na di daw maganda? i was laughing the whole time, what with all peter parker’s eyeliner and dance moves; it was refreshing to see Topher Grace (from That 70’s show) in the big screen as the villain, Venom.
  • i am driving again! weeee! the company has issued me a Toyota Revo, it’s not power window, but who am i to complain? free gas, free toll, free maintenance, free insurance!
  • i hate Wendy of PBB. i stopped watching the show since she’s been “voted” (kuno) to return to PBB house. arrrrgggh.. that biatch.
  • weeee for Heroes’ final episode! hubby and i watched it early this morning. SPOILER ALERT: it’s sad that nathan’s dead, wish it had been Parkman instead; Hiro in year 1600s!! and who is worse than the boogie man (aka Sylar)?
  • Blake vs Sparks in AI finale. Sana manalo si Blake. Sana manalo si Blake. Sana manalo si Blake.
  • Regine & Ogie finally admits to having a romantic relationship: IT’S ABOUT TIME!
  • Gabby can climb her crib! it’s amazing! she could be a rock climber for all we know!
  • belated happy mother’s day to all moms! i could be the only blogger who doesn’t have a mother’s day post. Richard made it very special! He surprised me to a massage & facial at The Spa. How sweet! Prior to the couple’s massage, we first spent the first 30 minutes at their jacuzzi/sauna/steam room (separately). I was culture-shocked! women are naked! you can wear bathing suit if you brought one, else, get naked. which i (shamefully) did LOLZ.
  • i didn’t get to vote last May 14! Sayang ang “isa kong boto” hehehe… i even researched the senatorial candidates’ achievements and credetials. turns out you need to be registered again last year which i didn’t do so nawala yung name ko. and ang saya ng eleksyon dito sa pinas. kakaiba. dito lang walang natatalong kandidato. kasi lahat daw sila, NADAYA. tingnan mo nga naman ano? only in the Philippines!