Hubby & I decided to watch The Simpsons movie over the weekend because we simply wanted to have a good laugh. And laugh is what we did. I have always enjoyed watching the series, although not religiously. Watching it is like reading Pol Medina Jr.’s Pugad Baboy. Halos pareho sila ng humor. Below is a list of funny scenes and why i will watch it again:

  • hearing Greenday’s rock version of The Simpsons theme (da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da…dadadada…)
  • seeing Bart’s private part while skateboarding (LOLZ)- the scene though kinda reminds me of Austin Powers
  • “Spider pig, spider pig… does whatever a spider pig does”
  • Homer watching their wedding video (not really funny, but “touching”, it almost made me shed a tear (almost, not quite)
  • President Shwarzenneger’s “I was born to lead… not to read”

showing pa! go ahead and watch it!