i have been pretty busy the past few weeks. but sometimes even if i find myself not doing anything, i can’t get myself to blog. i don’t really know. parang i have so many thoughts i want to share pero bigla akong magdadalawang isip to blog about it. ewan, i am so difficult to understand sometimes.

but surely, i will post about Gabby’s birthday party which happened last August 5 at Dad’s resto in Alabang Town Center. We already got the pix, kaso di pa naa-upload lahat kaya hintay lang muna. It was a fun party! I will blog separately na lang kasama ang aking mga supplier’s ratings.

can i just say na my latest guilty pleasure is watching Ysabella? i watch it everynight. promise. and i’m kinda sad na mamamatay ang character ni Ryan Agoncillo. But i have a feeling na yung mystery “Albert” will also be played by him (twin siguro sila). Oh, i love Derek Ramsey (share tayo Raine LOLZ).

My baby Gabby is really growing up so fast (still no teeth). She’s so big now. She’s so botchog. Ang takaw. Her favorite toy is her Dora doll. She’s so playful. Buti na lang we have the luxury of time to still play with her after getting home from work and spend quality time with her.

I’m hungry now. Still waiting for Richard to get home from work. That’s all for now. Goodbye!