ang sarap magpahinga, hindi po ba? Two Saturdays ago, hubby and i went to our latest favorite getaway, Tagaytay, to have some R&R. I made reservations at this new and posh bed&breakfast situated very near Picnic Grove, called “T House“. T happens to stand for Tranquility. We arrived past 7 in the evening (we went on a Friday, since their weekends are already fully booked). They served us tea as soon we stepped in the lobby. The place is very relaxing. Amoy spa kahit wala ka sa Calming rooms nila (where you get your spa treatment or massage). Amoy mint. Amoy eucalyptus. We had minor mishaps regarding the reserved room but it was resolved right away. I had a very different expectation with regards to the rooms, coz when you check out their website, the rooms look big, pero in actual, maliit lang pala sya. They have airconditioning, cable tv, and wifi access (although not inside the rooms, lolz). Towels, shampoo, and soap are available in the bathroom. Very zen ang design ng T house. Very zen and modern. The room rate also includes free breakfast for 2. Too bad i wasn’t able to enjoy my Tapsilog kasi medyo hindi maganda ang panlasa ko. Nilagnat ako the night we were there. I also ordered hot choco. It is literally a chocolate drink. Para kang uminom ng melted sweet chocolate.

Here are some pics we shot when we were there. I don’t have a good camera, kaya di masyadong najustify ang ganda ng lugar na to. If you want to really appreciate the place, check out their website.