As i look at two of the most important persons in my life right now, playfully bonding at the sofa, it suddenly dawned on me: i should be thankful to be alive today.

Yesterday, at around 1 in the afternoon, i was driving along EDSA, still contemplating on whether to eat lunch at Glorietta and afterwards go to Makati Shangrila to visit a client or to proceed to Laguna. I was almost heading right to Ayala when i got distracted by a phone call from my boss. I forgot to use my hands-free so i was struggling holding my celfone on one hand and the steering wheel at the other, so hindi ako nakaliko on time. Had i not received that phone call, i would have proceeded to Glorietta, and parked at Glorietta 2 where the blast occured, fatally killing 10 people and injuring 100 others. It was very tragic.

I only knew about the incident after receiving a text message from Richard asking me to call him. I had a migraine as soon as i got home (around 230pm) kaya nakatulog ako, and didn’t hear his thousand (according to Richard) missed calls. When i finally talked to him, galit na galit sya. Ako naman e clueless kung bakit galit sya sakin wala naman akong ginagawa sa kanya. Natulog lang naman ako. He hung up, tapos i received a text message from my sister in law, Cathy, telling me about what happened nga. Apparently, Richard has been calling my mom, my sister, his sisters, my sister’s kasambahay, and asking my whereabouts. I could just imagine Richard’s worry during that time. He didn’t know where exactly i am going kasi when he asked me nung morning. I just said mag-area ako sa QC. Pero knowing me, minsan kung san san ako mapapadpad.

Thinking about what happened yesterday, yes, I AM THANKFUL. I am thankful that i got that phone call, that God didn’t allow me to get hurt, that i am still able to be with my family. But i am also saddened to the lives lost of this tragic terrorist attack. May God give strength to their loved ones who are hurting right now.

And for the assholes who are responsible for this, you pigs don’t deserve to live.