Santa Claus is coming to town! As early as last week, we already set up our Christmas tree. And as previously promised (to myself — hehehe), our tree will be half-filled with small stuffed toys (for Gabby’s delight). Stuffed toys came from freebies we got at Dad’s resto (they give you stuffed toys when you order fruit shake), and some are Gabby’s. Really cute. But i removed that yellow stuffed bear, parang hindi kasi bagay dahil most of the stuffed toys’ dominant color is white.


anyhoo, in the spirit of Christmas, i have also cleaned up our closet (including Gabby’s) and got rid of the clothes i have not worn for ages. I decided to just give this to — errr — i don’t know. Charity? Or maybe those kids banging our gates during Christmas time. I’ve put it in a big box and placed it under our tree (with Christmas wrapping). Purging stuff is a nice way to destress. I like it. I think i’m gonna do this more often.

And oh yeah, we’ve got tickets to Negros via Negros Navigation! We are sailing! We’re  spending the Christmas holidays at Richard’s hometown, La Castellana. I’m pretty excited for the grannies (Gabby’s grannies, that is). This will only be their 3rd time to see Gabby. And how’s this for a really good deal: P6,000++ for 3 persons, round trip, and you won’t believe this — business class accomodation. San ka pa?