hello bloggers! 2008 na pala! ang tagal ko ng hindi nagbablog! mag-3 months na ! yaiks! i am a lazy blogger! anyways, there’s so much to blog about! i want to share with you how me and hubby celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary last November, 2007 (hayy this is a long overdue post na talaga). Anyways, we spent a 3-day weekend at a secluded beach in Puerto Galera. Making reservations is easy in Cocobeach. I just called their Manila office, reserved a room, deposited payments at their bank account, called again to confirm. The 3-day package includes land and boat transfers (a Cocobeach van picked us up at the Shell Station in South Luzon Expressway tapos they have their own port and boat for exclusive use of their guests), buffet breakfast, and a very nice cottage on top of a hill with a panoramic view of the beach. Here are some of the things we loved while vacationing at Cocobeach:

  • the land and boat transfers – it’s just so convenient. hindi mo na kailangang makipagsiksikan sa Batangas port.
  • pag dating mo sa resort, you will be greeted by a singing staff tapos magsasabit sila ng necklace made out of small sea shells
  • pag dating mo sa resort, they will give you complimentary buko juice, still in a buko no less!
  • pag dating mo sa resort, you will be assigned a “service family” who will assist you with your things papunta sa cottage mo, clean your room & prepare your bed, do the room service, wake up calls, laundry (for extra cost), bring you mineral water daily. they can be called upon from 6 am – 1030pm by pulling a string which is connected to their home. They have no formal hotel training, and what they offer is just simple and natural Filipino hospitality.
  • ang ganda ganda ng cottage! it’s made of natural materials, rooms have no airconditioning pero malamig! we didn’t even use their electricfan pero nakakumot pa kami!
  • the rate is reasonable.
  • there are so much things to do! there’s actually 101 activities that Cocobeach has planned out for their guests, some are free, some naman may bayad.
  • they have a silent pool which is situated on top of the hill. if you want some peace and quiet, you go here instead of the other bigger pool sa baba naman.
  • masarap ang buffet breakfast
  • they have a hanging bridge pero scary kala ko mahuhulog ako
  • because it’s secluded from the other resorts in PG, it’s peaceful.
  • we enjoyed kayaking in waves! (small waves that is lolz but still scary though)
  • we loved snorkeling (although i felt na medyo tinaga kami nung bangkero pero sige lang, ayos lang)
  • we had henna tattoos!
  • we loved our lazy walk in the beach
  • we enjoyed their big hammocks located near the shore
  • we get to watch a bloodless cockfight. some of the guests placed their bets. we didn’t. hehehe.
  • we saw dolphins on the way palang to the resort! for free! as in ang dami!!!! usually, may bayad pag mag-dolphin watching ka, pero we had the best timing e hehehe..
  • natuwa ako sa salakot. nung pauwi na kami, i asked our service family for an umbrella. tapos sabi nya they don’t use umbrella daw. you use a “salakot”. ang akala ko kasi display lang yun sa cottage, yun pala gagamitin mo talaga yun. ang cute. hehehe…
  • and syempre, the best thing i loved sa vacation namin is that i get to enjoy it with my husband (awwwwww….)

there is so much to do there (but so little time!). We will definitely be back to try other stuff like banana boat ride, more snorkeling and kayaking, or have a relaxing massage at their spa, or hire a boatman to bring us to a different island to have a romantic dinner, and much much more.

Here are some pics:



Happy 2nd year anniverary again, hubby! i love you!