i am having a heath aftermath.

i have been searching every video and music store for a DVD copy of “Brokeback Mountain” (which i haven’t seen yet) and lahat sila, walang stock!. i’ve been reading about heath’s awesome acting here and i wanna see it. Richard didn’t want to watch it when it was shown here back in 2006 (?) coz it’s a “gay movie” daw. but anyways, i still want to see it.

hanggang ngayon nalulungkot pa din ako. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh…. ang daming tributes honoring him as a great actor, i never realized na he was very respected by his co-actors and directors and actually everyone who had the chance to have worked with him.

anyways, if anyone can direct me to anyone who knows where i can buy an original dvd of Brokeback (in the Philippines), it will be greatly appreciated.