I have told you from my previous post that i enjoy listening to The Morning Rush by Chico & Del every Mondays thru Fridays, at 6-9am. And about a few months back, i started frequency surfing every morning at about the same time as Chico & Del’s radio show to Magic 89.9’s Good times with Mo (and Mojo jojo / Grace Lee). Sometimes, i wouldn’t even realize that i have been listening more to Good Times than the Morning Rush. Hehehe… medyo balimbing ako sa dalawang show na to on radio. Ang talagang inaabangan ko lang naman ksi sa morning rush is yung Top 10 nila (where listeners will text in their entries to their topic of the day) and yung News at 17. Yung Good times kasi, they give extravagant prizes. Like they give laptops like candies! Or a few thousand worth of GC’s. Or floor or VIP tickets to Maroon 5 / Incubus / Beyonce concerts. Nakakatuwa din yung mga games nila kasi kakaiba. Like yung YABANG MO! where you will kiss Mo’s ass for a minute. If Mo thinks you’re a good ass kisser, he will give you a really cool prize. Basta masaya. And just today, i stumbled upon PinoyExchange a thread about Tado, Erning (AKA Angel) and Ramon Bautista’s new radio show! (new, atleast for me). I missed their Strangebrew days which aired at UNTV back in the old days and i’m so happy to know that they have their own radio show! I’ve been listening just now and sobrang laughtrip talaga. I am not really sure if their humor is for everybody but i’ve been a fan of them eversince kaya parang part na ko ng kulto nila hahahahaha…. basta, kung lafftrip with a combination of intelligent discussions for the  illiterate (LOLZ) (as what they always say) ang hanap mo, ito ang radio show para sa inyo. Masaya. Brewster airs at 99.5 Hit FM Mondays thru Thursdays, 9pm – 12mn.

You can already tell na i’m a “more talk less music” type of a person, no?