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kung kayo ay nagiisip kung magwawax ba kayo or magsheshave, i’d say WAX IT OFF! masakit sa umpisa, pero pag nakasanayan mo na, para bagang walang nangyari. lolz. in the legs that is. the first time i tried having my legs waxed was mid 2008. i wanted to get a softer hair kasi my leg hair is medyo not so soft kasi mahilig ako magshave. so i tried it first in my neighborhood salon which offers this service for P450. i tried their chocolate flavored wax. my legs smelled sweet like goya chocolate afterwards. i tried it a second time after a few months. but then, i realized i’ve been spending on something i think i can do myself. so i checked out my favorite kikay shop, The Body Shop. good thing they have one there. I bought their Sugaring Hair Removal and a spread on sugar spatula and strip off sugar (reusable!). So far, good hair growth on the legs.  It also helped that i have a very supportive husband who do the waxing for me (for free!!! lolz). great savings too!

habang ako ay nagdadrive kanina ay biglang sumagi sa aking isip ang isang idea para mabawasan (or maeliminate entirely) ang pangongotong ng mga pulis and at the same time maiwasan din ang pagbabribe ng mga motorista sa mga pulis (guilty as charged) kung sila ay may nagawang violation sa kalsada: bakit hindi na lang natin tanggalin ang mga pulis sa kalsada para manghuli ng mga so-called violators at maginvest ang gobyerno sa mga camera na ikakabit sa mga main thoroughfare (yung tipong visible ung mga sasakyan na magvaviolate ng no swerving, no u-turn, no left turn, no right turn, public vehicles sa yellow lane lang, etc) tapos may sistema na marerecord ang plate # tapos mailalagay ung mga violations nung owner ng kotse na yun sa record nya tapos everytime na magrerenew ng license (dapat annual renewal) ay dun sya magbabayad ng violations nya o kaya tanggalin ang lisensya nya pag ang dami nyang violations. tapos ung video ng mga violations ipopost sa youtube hahahaha para dun na lang nya icheck ung mga violations nya hahaha natatawa ako sa idea kong to masyadong far fetched lolz. para naman may makabuluhang gawin ang mga pulis natin aside from taking and getting bribes. mababawasan din nito ang traffic ksi diba kapag pinatabi ka ng pulis e magcocause din ito ng traffic at hazard sya sa kalsada.

ano sa tingin nyong loophole sa idea na to? gaga ba ko?


As i look at two of the most important persons in my life right now, playfully bonding at the sofa, it suddenly dawned on me: i should be thankful to be alive today.

Yesterday, at around 1 in the afternoon, i was driving along EDSA, still contemplating on whether to eat lunch at Glorietta and afterwards go to Makati Shangrila to visit a client or to proceed to Laguna. I was almost heading right to Ayala when i got distracted by a phone call from my boss. I forgot to use my hands-free so i was struggling holding my celfone on one hand and the steering wheel at the other, so hindi ako nakaliko on time. Had i not received that phone call, i would have proceeded to Glorietta, and parked at Glorietta 2 where the blast occured, fatally killing 10 people and injuring 100 others. It was very tragic.

I only knew about the incident after receiving a text message from Richard asking me to call him. I had a migraine as soon as i got home (around 230pm) kaya nakatulog ako, and didn’t hear his thousand (according to Richard) missed calls. When i finally talked to him, galit na galit sya. Ako naman e clueless kung bakit galit sya sakin wala naman akong ginagawa sa kanya. Natulog lang naman ako. He hung up, tapos i received a text message from my sister in law, Cathy, telling me about what happened nga. Apparently, Richard has been calling my mom, my sister, his sisters, my sister’s kasambahay, and asking my whereabouts. I could just imagine Richard’s worry during that time. He didn’t know where exactly i am going kasi when he asked me nung morning. I just said mag-area ako sa QC. Pero knowing me, minsan kung san san ako mapapadpad.

Thinking about what happened yesterday, yes, I AM THANKFUL. I am thankful that i got that phone call, that God didn’t allow me to get hurt, that i am still able to be with my family. But i am also saddened to the lives lost of this tragic terrorist attack. May God give strength to their loved ones who are hurting right now.

And for the assholes who are responsible for this, you pigs don’t deserve to live.

this radio jingle jumpstarts my day:

left right – left right – kembot (repeat)

shake left – shake right – tumbling (repeat)

left right – left right – kembot

shake left – shake right – tumbling

kembot – tumbling – headstand

kembot – tumbling – headstand

more energy mas happyyyyy…. more energy mas happyyyyyy…..


last Saturday, Richard, Gabby & I went up to Tagaytay so early in the morning to have our breakfast at Sonya’s Garden. I just thought we ought to do something different once in a while. We left our house a little past seven and got there less than an hour later. It was a long, peaceful drive. Medyo nagbabadya ang bagyo but we were lucky that it didn’t really pour. Madilim lang ang langit. May nadaanan kaming fog (no visibility at all) pero short lang naman. Sonya’s Garden is situated 10kms past Tagaytay Rotonda. As you turn right to Buck Estate, you will need to drive (a rather rough road) 2 kms more. As i was driving, i thought to myself, “this better be worth it”. LOLZ. So yeah, we went there to try their breakfast. For P350 per head, they served us fried rice, adobong pork & chicken, boneless bangus, scrambled eggs (i would’ve preferred sunny side up kaso parang walang choice na binigay, hehehe), ripe mango and hot choco. When i made reservations two days before we went here, i knew that this is what they would serve. Kaso kasi, when we arrived, we saw two ladies already eating their breakfast pero they had hotdogs and ham. Kaya siguro nawalan ako medyo ng gana kasi i was hoping na meron din kaming hotdogs and ham hehehe…. But anyways, masarap naman ang almusal namin. Both Richard & I never miss breakfast kaya excited kami to start trying different breakfast meals of different restos. Kahit fastfood, solve kami dyan. Pag may konting pang-gastos, we splurge a bit. Pero siguro, if only for the breakfast, baka di ko na balikan ang Sonya’s. Siguro we would go back for their lunch and dinner (which i heard many raves about it) so yeah, we might try it sometime. Or try also their cottages (which costs P2,500-2,800 per head for overnight stay with meals), or their spa (if money permits it). And Gabby? We think she enjoys seeing flowers, and pebbles in the walkway. She enjoys walking and then point at something random. Hehehe…




After the breakfast and lots of picture taking, we decided to drop by at Caleruega since it’s near Sonya’s Garden. We think Gabby would enjoy it too, since madami ding flowers dito. Kaso, siguro napagod si Gabby, she was sleeping the whole time we were at Caleruega. Di nya tuloy nakita where her mommy & daddy got married. Haaayy memories…


Before lunchtime, we decided to head back home. As we passed by the new subdivisions in Sta. Rosa, i suddenly remembered Alpha’s post of a really nice house in Georgia Club. So we went there, hoping someone would show us the house (but not really sell us hehehe, nangangarap lang ng gising). A very friendly agent greeted us as we parked our car and even offered us a free lunch (ganito pala ang marketing strategy sa real estate hehehe). Sayang, kung may P12 million lang sana ako (huwahahahahaha!).


dreamhouse talaga. it’s so laid back, so sleep-over type of a place, so inviting, ang ganda ng environment, i could go on and on. The bigger house (P12M-ish) has 4 rooms, an attic, a maid’s room, an automatic garage door, a porch, and all rooms has their own bathrooms (yes, even the maids room).

Ok now back to reality. Tama na ang pagmumuni-muni.

i have been pretty busy the past few weeks. but sometimes even if i find myself not doing anything, i can’t get myself to blog. i don’t really know. parang i have so many thoughts i want to share pero bigla akong magdadalawang isip to blog about it. ewan, i am so difficult to understand sometimes.

but surely, i will post about Gabby’s birthday party which happened last August 5 at Dad’s resto in Alabang Town Center. We already got the pix, kaso di pa naa-upload lahat kaya hintay lang muna. It was a fun party! I will blog separately na lang kasama ang aking mga supplier’s ratings.

can i just say na my latest guilty pleasure is watching Ysabella? i watch it everynight. promise. and i’m kinda sad na mamamatay ang character ni Ryan Agoncillo. But i have a feeling na yung mystery “Albert” will also be played by him (twin siguro sila). Oh, i love Derek Ramsey (share tayo Raine LOLZ).

My baby Gabby is really growing up so fast (still no teeth). She’s so big now. She’s so botchog. Ang takaw. Her favorite toy is her Dora doll. She’s so playful. Buti na lang we have the luxury of time to still play with her after getting home from work and spend quality time with her.

I’m hungry now. Still waiting for Richard to get home from work. That’s all for now. Goodbye!

our trusted yaya bid us farewell today. i’m a bit saddened, no, not a bit, a whole lot saddened by this. she’s very masipag, may kusa, and matyaga with Gabby. but, as her employer, we don’t want naman to become a hindrance to what she wants to do with her life. so pinayagan naman namin kasi nagpaalam naman sya ng mahusay and she said she will wait for her kapalit before she leaves. we have 2 new kasambahays today, who came from Negros Occidental, one will exclusively look after Gabby and one will be in-charge of the household chores. so panibagong pakikisama, panibagong pagtuturo. well ganun talaga e. i just hope they are as efficient as our last kasambahay.


Hubby is considering on transferring to another department. It’s actually a career move for him. The position offers more opportunities to expand his horizon. We’re waiting for his bosses to approve this. If it’s a go, then i should probably expect to see less of him because of trainings abroad. this is what i get when i put ideas in his head. lolz. this plan is actually a part of a much bigger plan. which will happen if things go as planned. *cross fingers*. but no one’s in a hurry.

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