kung kayo ay nagiisip kung magwawax ba kayo or magsheshave, i’d say WAX IT OFF! masakit sa umpisa, pero pag nakasanayan mo na, para bagang walang nangyari. lolz. in the legs that is. the first time i tried having my legs waxed was mid 2008. i wanted to get a softer hair kasi my leg hair is medyo not so soft kasi mahilig ako magshave. so i tried it first in my neighborhood salon which offers this service for P450. i tried their chocolate flavored wax. my legs smelled sweet like goya chocolate afterwards. i tried it a second time after a few months. but then, i realized i’ve been spending on something i think i can do myself. so i checked out my favorite kikay shop, The Body Shop. good thing they have one there. I bought their Sugaring Hair Removal and a spread on sugar spatula and strip off sugar (reusable!). So far, good hair growth on the legs.  It also helped that i have a very supportive husband who do the waxing for me (for free!!! lolz). great savings too!

105 pounds is my pre-pregnancy weight. That was in 2005. Now i am making a personal mission to get back to my old shape and weight.

It is not easy, though. Richard and i enrolled in Slimmer’s World in Festival Mall, Alabang last August because we are both getting fat. Prior to this, we don’t really engage too much in physical activities, as we are always glued to our own laptops. If typing is a sport, we’d be pro. Anyways, because of our weight concern, we are now like, gym rats. We’d spend every other evenings in the gym for 2 hours (atleast). We have also been counting calories! lolz. and we check each other’s meals. Food intake has decreased significantly as far as carbohydrates is concerned. it’s not easy, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

will i make it to 105 pounds?

the journey begins.