it’s american idol season once again. 8th season. wow. i remembered na there was a time i was imagining myself on a game show (game ka na ba to be precise) and kris aquino would ask me to enumerate ALL AI winners and their runners up and i would get all of them correctly. i mean really. anyways, there’s a new judge, Kara, who talks more sense than Paula and Randy combined. (Why is Paula still there? She has no contribution whatsoever). the only one who stood out for me was ANOOP DESAI, the indian geeky guy who studied barbeque according to Simon (lolz) and who showed up in the audition room wearing a polo, shorts and slippers. it’s like love at first sight for me. ehhehe… he looks like Kumar though. But man, he has super nice voice!

here’s his audition:

i looked him up at youtube, and apparently, he was part of a singing group in college called ClefHangers, they sing with only their voices as instruments (much like our local group Akafellas), he is so gooood! they are great actually, as a group. They can sing anything! r&b, ballad, pop, RAP!! go check them out! now na!

here’s my favorite video of them, with Anoop as the main vocals, singing Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown:

i hope he makes it to the top 12.

in other news… (but still TV related)… I am loving Dexter (the series). Dexter Morgan. The serial killer who only goes after bad guys. He’s a blood spatter by day, murderer by night. Richard and I are spending sleepless nights once again just to finish the first 2 seasons (getting there..). If you do decide to check this series out, viewer discretion is advised. There’s nudity, violence (ofcourse) and so many fuck you’s. Hehehehe.

And ofcourse there’s the new season of 24, new characters, no more CTU. The first 5 episodes reveals early villains and moles inside FBI. what i find odd lang is Janeane Garofalo’s character as a computer geek (pang-tapat kay Chloe), parang very low-key, parang anyone can be given that role naman, a not-so sikat na actress perhaps, parang di lang bagay sa status nya sa hollywood. wala lang, nalungkot lang ako for jeanine, i like her pa naman.

still tv, but this time local, I love BettyLa Fea is getting better and better. I thought all along na nung Monday, gaganda na talaga si Betty (courtesy of Vicky Belo). Yun pala panaginip lang. Ok yung ginawa nila kasi parang ang bilis naman ng kwento kung pagandahin nila kagad. Now my question is, will Aldo (Echo’s character) be the one to help betty transform to a beautiful woman?

Tayong Dalawa is very promising. The first episode is fast-paced. Hindi sya mabigat sa dibdib. There’s humor injected to it and magaling at natural umarte lahat ng casts. The younger poor David is a great actor. Gina Pareno is undoubtedly a great actress. Magaling ang buong casts. I’m not sure though if i can watch this every night pero i’ll try.

I never tried watching Eva Fonda not because i don’t like it but because we don’t want Gaby to see it. She’s a late sleeper and wherever we are, she wants to be there too, kaya we carefully choose what we watch whenever she’s around. Eva Fonda is too risky. Pinoy Fear Factor naman, i only tried watching the first few episodes. Nawalan ako ng gana. Para kasi akong nanonood ng Pinoy Big Brother, may mga drama drama pa. Sana puro stunts na lang. Wala ng mga interview interview pa kung “anong masasabi mo na kesyo sabi daw ni ganyan ganyan e ganito ka daw”. hay naku.

This is just awesome.

What they just did is a type of Japanese theater called Kuroko wherein participants wear all black, head to toe, in order to imply that they are invisible and not part of the action onstage.

The Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 Housemates were asked by “kuya” to do a similar skit as a presentation for their weekly task. They did good, considering the limited time they had to practice (a week), but not as well as the Japanese, but nevertheless, i was entertained. Watch it from here.


Saw the brand new promotional trailer of the latest season of 24!!! I must admit that i got tired of 24 for the past two seasons (i didn’t finish watching it), but after seeing Day 7’s clips, i am totally looking forward to it! you know why? because i think i saw the uber hot Tony Almeida in it (he’s allliiiivveee!!!) and by the looks of it, parang he’s the villain, i’m really not sure. And there’s no more CTU — hay salamat, nagsawa na siguro sila sa paulit ulit na plot for the last 6 seasons. There’s still Chloe, and Buchanan. No idea how they’re gonna fit without CTU. And i heard Janeane Garofalo will be joining the cast.


Prison Break Season 3, Heroes Season 2, House Season 4, it’s downloading time once again! So giddy!

i have been pretty busy the past few weeks. but sometimes even if i find myself not doing anything, i can’t get myself to blog. i don’t really know. parang i have so many thoughts i want to share pero bigla akong magdadalawang isip to blog about it. ewan, i am so difficult to understand sometimes.

but surely, i will post about Gabby’s birthday party which happened last August 5 at Dad’s resto in Alabang Town Center. We already got the pix, kaso di pa naa-upload lahat kaya hintay lang muna. It was a fun party! I will blog separately na lang kasama ang aking mga supplier’s ratings.

can i just say na my latest guilty pleasure is watching Ysabella? i watch it everynight. promise. and i’m kinda sad na mamamatay ang character ni Ryan Agoncillo. But i have a feeling na yung mystery “Albert” will also be played by him (twin siguro sila). Oh, i love Derek Ramsey (share tayo Raine LOLZ).

My baby Gabby is really growing up so fast (still no teeth). She’s so big now. She’s so botchog. Ang takaw. Her favorite toy is her Dora doll. She’s so playful. Buti na lang we have the luxury of time to still play with her after getting home from work and spend quality time with her.

I’m hungry now. Still waiting for Richard to get home from work. That’s all for now. Goodbye!

  • watched Spiderman on its first day with Richard and sisters in law; reserved tickets from; pretty expensive but all worth it; but why are they (read:comic book fans) saying na di daw maganda? i was laughing the whole time, what with all peter parker’s eyeliner and dance moves; it was refreshing to see Topher Grace (from That 70’s show) in the big screen as the villain, Venom.
  • i am driving again! weeee! the company has issued me a Toyota Revo, it’s not power window, but who am i to complain? free gas, free toll, free maintenance, free insurance!
  • i hate Wendy of PBB. i stopped watching the show since she’s been “voted” (kuno) to return to PBB house. arrrrgggh.. that biatch.
  • weeee for Heroes’ final episode! hubby and i watched it early this morning. SPOILER ALERT: it’s sad that nathan’s dead, wish it had been Parkman instead; Hiro in year 1600s!! and who is worse than the boogie man (aka Sylar)?
  • Blake vs Sparks in AI finale. Sana manalo si Blake. Sana manalo si Blake. Sana manalo si Blake.
  • Regine & Ogie finally admits to having a romantic relationship: IT’S ABOUT TIME!
  • Gabby can climb her crib! it’s amazing! she could be a rock climber for all we know!
  • belated happy mother’s day to all moms! i could be the only blogger who doesn’t have a mother’s day post. Richard made it very special! He surprised me to a massage & facial at The Spa. How sweet! Prior to the couple’s massage, we first spent the first 30 minutes at their jacuzzi/sauna/steam room (separately). I was culture-shocked! women are naked! you can wear bathing suit if you brought one, else, get naked. which i (shamefully) did LOLZ.
  • i didn’t get to vote last May 14! Sayang ang “isa kong boto” hehehe… i even researched the senatorial candidates’ achievements and credetials. turns out you need to be registered again last year which i didn’t do so nawala yung name ko. and ang saya ng eleksyon dito sa pinas. kakaiba. dito lang walang natatalong kandidato. kasi lahat daw sila, NADAYA. tingnan mo nga naman ano? only in the Philippines!

haaaayyy… Season 2 of Prison Break just ended a couple of weeks back and i’m already missing it! boohoo! i am not sure when Season 3 will begin, i hope soon!!! pero ewan ko lang ha, by the looks of S2’s ending, parang magiging ala-Sci fi ang S3 e. sana wag naman! oooops for Prison Break fans out there na hindi pa natatapos ang S2, sorry for the spoiler hehehe!

anyways, here are the reasons why i love watching PB:

  •  his hotness, Wentworth Miller (AKA Michael Scofield)
  • the suspenseful and intriguing plot
  •  characters like TBag (he’s my most loved bad guy), Sucre (so sweet), Haywire (too bad he’s dead), & Mahone (parang totoong sobrang mautak sya)
  • learning that Bill Kim — Reggie Lee in real life (the Asian guy villain who works for “The Company”) is actually a Filipino! According to his personal website, he was born in Quezon City, Philippines and continues to speak Tagalog. Coolness! I really hated his character in PB but that just proves that the guy was able to give justice to his role.  Sayang lang kasi i don’t think we’re going to see much of him in S3 of PB kasi Sara shot him in the last episode! wahahahha!

     this is Bill Kim in Prison Break (no hair)



 what he looks like in real life (LOLZ)



one of my favorite dialougues is between Michael & Sara:

Michael: You kept it.

Sara: Kept what?

Michael: The flower.

Sara: Well, i’m a packrat. I never throw anything out.

Michael: (looks around the spotless infirmary) Yeah, well this clutter. It’s… overwhelming.

Sara: You should see my apartment.

Michael: Woah. We haven’t even had our first date yet and you’re already inviting me in. I thought you were a                   nice girl.

Sara: Oh Michael, we all know nice girls finish last.

Michael: So where do you finish?


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