heath.jpgThis is the only hollywood death that really affected me so much. I loved him in 10 things i hate about you and A knight’s tale, and i am super excited to see him play as The Joker in the upcoming film The Dark Knight. Until now i still can’t believe that one of my favorite hollywood actor is dead. Call me shallow i don’t care. I believe he’s one of the few actors who has really shown depth in acting. I mean when he acts, he’s really into his character. That’s what probably caused his death. I mean he had trouble sleeping after filming “I’m not there” and “The Dark Knight” coz those characters are, according to Heath, “very stressful”. What’s all the more tragic is his death might be accidental drug overdose. Haaaayyyy kawawa naman her beautiful 2 year old kid, Matilda.

May he rest in peace.