gonowmj21reminder to myself.

dante, jho, me, and richard rockin’ and rollin’ at Enchanted Kingdom’s Popnoggins

  • tickets are now available at Ticketworld and Ticketnets and National Bookstore outlets priced at P5000 (VIP), P3000 (gold), P1300 (silver) and  P300 (bronze). An SVIP area will be provided for the band members’ family and friends and media sponsors. (note: during the 0830 concert, the front area  were provided for FREE for the band members’ family/friends/executives and select employees of MTV Philippines (SVIP) and select fans (VIP) for FREE! (bitter). We didn’t know about this till we arrived at the concert. We bought the highest priced ticket worth P1300 each only to find out that we will be positioned in the middle of The Fort concert grounds. (bitter parin hehehe). Akala namin malapit kami sa stage! ang aga pa naman namin dun ni Richard! we arrived 5pm to an 8pm concert hehehe..
  • the following are the prohibitions:

Prohibited Entry

• Children below 4 feet in height
• Pregnant women
• Individuals under the influence of drugs or liquor
• Persons with severe heart or medical condition

Prohibited items inside the venue
• Professional audio or video recording devices
• Professional Cameras (booohooo)
• Weapons
• Glass
• Cans
• Plastic Bottles
• Food
• Large metal belt buckles
• Big posters/placards/signages
• Fireworks
• Alcoholic beverages
• Spiked Bracelets
• Wallet chains
Back packs
• Waist packs
• Laser Pens
• Large chains
• Long & pointed umbrella

Note: During the 0830  concert, nakipagaway pa kami sa mga marshalls dun, kasi kumpleto kami sa gamit!! we bought food, portable chairs (kasi matagal pa kami maghihintay till magstart, about 3 hrs so uupo muna kami dba), umbrella, raincoats, SLR! kaya ayun, binalik namin sa kotse lahat. nakakaloka. ang daming bawal! pero we later thought na umiiwas lang sila na baka magkagulo dun sa loob. Sa food, kumpleto kami sa chichirya, may dala pa kaming coleman! hahahha! tapos pagpasok mo dun, only Mcdo and Fish&Co. are available, tsaka pala ung P5.00 hotdog and vitwater (the flavored water).

  • concert will start at 8pm (COUNTDOWWWN!!!) at the SM MOA Concert Grounds, infront of SMX (yung parking space)

So excited!

Gotta go buy those tickets!

eheads1March 7, 2009, Saturday, 8pm

SM MOA Concert Grounds

Ituloy ang Group Hug.

it’s american idol season once again. 8th season. wow. i remembered na there was a time i was imagining myself on a game show (game ka na ba to be precise) and kris aquino would ask me to enumerate ALL AI winners and their runners up and i would get all of them correctly. i mean really. anyways, there’s a new judge, Kara, who talks more sense than Paula and Randy combined. (Why is Paula still there? She has no contribution whatsoever). the only one who stood out for me was ANOOP DESAI, the indian geeky guy who studied barbeque according to Simon (lolz) and who showed up in the audition room wearing a polo, shorts and slippers. it’s like love at first sight for me. ehhehe… he looks like Kumar though. But man, he has super nice voice!

here’s his audition:

i looked him up at youtube, and apparently, he was part of a singing group in college called ClefHangers, they sing with only their voices as instruments (much like our local group Akafellas), he is so gooood! they are great actually, as a group. They can sing anything! r&b, ballad, pop, RAP!! go check them out! now na!

here’s my favorite video of them, with Anoop as the main vocals, singing Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown:

i hope he makes it to the top 12.

in other news… (but still TV related)… I am loving Dexter (the series). Dexter Morgan. The serial killer who only goes after bad guys. He’s a blood spatter by day, murderer by night. Richard and I are spending sleepless nights once again just to finish the first 2 seasons (getting there..). If you do decide to check this series out, viewer discretion is advised. There’s nudity, violence (ofcourse) and so many fuck you’s. Hehehehe.

And ofcourse there’s the new season of 24, new characters, no more CTU. The first 5 episodes reveals early villains and moles inside FBI. what i find odd lang is Janeane Garofalo’s character as a computer geek (pang-tapat kay Chloe), parang very low-key, parang anyone can be given that role naman, a not-so sikat na actress perhaps, parang di lang bagay sa status nya sa hollywood. wala lang, nalungkot lang ako for jeanine, i like her pa naman.

still tv, but this time local, I love BettyLa Fea is getting better and better. I thought all along na nung Monday, gaganda na talaga si Betty (courtesy of Vicky Belo). Yun pala panaginip lang. Ok yung ginawa nila kasi parang ang bilis naman ng kwento kung pagandahin nila kagad. Now my question is, will Aldo (Echo’s character) be the one to help betty transform to a beautiful woman?

Tayong Dalawa is very promising. The first episode is fast-paced. Hindi sya mabigat sa dibdib. There’s humor injected to it and magaling at natural umarte lahat ng casts. The younger poor David is a great actor. Gina Pareno is undoubtedly a great actress. Magaling ang buong casts. I’m not sure though if i can watch this every night pero i’ll try.

I never tried watching Eva Fonda not because i don’t like it but because we don’t want Gaby to see it. She’s a late sleeper and wherever we are, she wants to be there too, kaya we carefully choose what we watch whenever she’s around. Eva Fonda is too risky. Pinoy Fear Factor naman, i only tried watching the first few episodes. Nawalan ako ng gana. Para kasi akong nanonood ng Pinoy Big Brother, may mga drama drama pa. Sana puro stunts na lang. Wala ng mga interview interview pa kung “anong masasabi mo na kesyo sabi daw ni ganyan ganyan e ganito ka daw”. hay naku.

kung kayo ay nagiisip kung magwawax ba kayo or magsheshave, i’d say WAX IT OFF! masakit sa umpisa, pero pag nakasanayan mo na, para bagang walang nangyari. lolz. in the legs that is. the first time i tried having my legs waxed was mid 2008. i wanted to get a softer hair kasi my leg hair is medyo not so soft kasi mahilig ako magshave. so i tried it first in my neighborhood salon which offers this service for P450. i tried their chocolate flavored wax. my legs smelled sweet like goya chocolate afterwards. i tried it a second time after a few months. but then, i realized i’ve been spending on something i think i can do myself. so i checked out my favorite kikay shop, The Body Shop. good thing they have one there. I bought their Sugaring Hair Removal and a spread on sugar spatula and strip off sugar (reusable!). So far, good hair growth on the legs.  It also helped that i have a very supportive husband who do the waxing for me (for free!!! lolz). great savings too!

habang ako ay nagdadrive kanina ay biglang sumagi sa aking isip ang isang idea para mabawasan (or maeliminate entirely) ang pangongotong ng mga pulis and at the same time maiwasan din ang pagbabribe ng mga motorista sa mga pulis (guilty as charged) kung sila ay may nagawang violation sa kalsada: bakit hindi na lang natin tanggalin ang mga pulis sa kalsada para manghuli ng mga so-called violators at maginvest ang gobyerno sa mga camera na ikakabit sa mga main thoroughfare (yung tipong visible ung mga sasakyan na magvaviolate ng no swerving, no u-turn, no left turn, no right turn, public vehicles sa yellow lane lang, etc) tapos may sistema na marerecord ang plate # tapos mailalagay ung mga violations nung owner ng kotse na yun sa record nya tapos everytime na magrerenew ng license (dapat annual renewal) ay dun sya magbabayad ng violations nya o kaya tanggalin ang lisensya nya pag ang dami nyang violations. tapos ung video ng mga violations ipopost sa youtube hahahaha para dun na lang nya icheck ung mga violations nya hahaha natatawa ako sa idea kong to masyadong far fetched lolz. para naman may makabuluhang gawin ang mga pulis natin aside from taking and getting bribes. mababawasan din nito ang traffic ksi diba kapag pinatabi ka ng pulis e magcocause din ito ng traffic at hazard sya sa kalsada.

ano sa tingin nyong loophole sa idea na to? gaga ba ko?


105 pounds is my pre-pregnancy weight. That was in 2005. Now i am making a personal mission to get back to my old shape and weight.

It is not easy, though. Richard and i enrolled in Slimmer’s World in Festival Mall, Alabang last August because we are both getting fat. Prior to this, we don’t really engage too much in physical activities, as we are always glued to our own laptops. If typing is a sport, we’d be pro. Anyways, because of our weight concern, we are now like, gym rats. We’d spend every other evenings in the gym for 2 hours (atleast). We have also been counting calories! lolz. and we check each other’s meals. Food intake has decreased significantly as far as carbohydrates is concerned. it’s not easy, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

will i make it to 105 pounds?

the journey begins.

hi! i don’t have that much readers so im sure only a few people missed me (lolz). a LOT of things happened since my last post, which was the end of the 1st quarter. i didn’t have the energy and time to post.

i love my Dad but i just can’t get myself to write about his recent death. sometimes i refuse to entertain thoughts of him especially during his last few months with us. there are mixed emotions. but God knows i miss him and i love him so much.

will post again later.

I have told you from my previous post that i enjoy listening to The Morning Rush by Chico & Del every Mondays thru Fridays, at 6-9am. And about a few months back, i started frequency surfing every morning at about the same time as Chico & Del’s radio show to Magic 89.9’s Good times with Mo (and Mojo jojo / Grace Lee). Sometimes, i wouldn’t even realize that i have been listening more to Good Times than the Morning Rush. Hehehe… medyo balimbing ako sa dalawang show na to on radio. Ang talagang inaabangan ko lang naman ksi sa morning rush is yung Top 10 nila (where listeners will text in their entries to their topic of the day) and yung News at 17. Yung Good times kasi, they give extravagant prizes. Like they give laptops like candies! Or a few thousand worth of GC’s. Or floor or VIP tickets to Maroon 5 / Incubus / Beyonce concerts. Nakakatuwa din yung mga games nila kasi kakaiba. Like yung YABANG MO! where you will kiss Mo’s ass for a minute. If Mo thinks you’re a good ass kisser, he will give you a really cool prize. Basta masaya. And just today, i stumbled upon PinoyExchange a thread about Tado, Erning (AKA Angel) and Ramon Bautista’s new radio show! (new, atleast for me). I missed their Strangebrew days which aired at UNTV back in the old days and i’m so happy to know that they have their own radio show! I’ve been listening just now and sobrang laughtrip talaga. I am not really sure if their humor is for everybody but i’ve been a fan of them eversince kaya parang part na ko ng kulto nila hahahahaha…. basta, kung lafftrip with a combination of intelligent discussions for the  illiterate (LOLZ) (as what they always say) ang hanap mo, ito ang radio show para sa inyo. Masaya. Brewster airs at 99.5 Hit FM Mondays thru Thursdays, 9pm – 12mn.

You can already tell na i’m a “more talk less music” type of a person, no?